Please Don't Call It Italian Champagne: How Prosecco Gained Respect

Jun 01, 2018 296

BY: John Mariani

Twenty years ago if you heard about Prosecco, the white sparkling wine from Italy’s Veneto region, is was probably as a component with white peach juice of the bellini cocktail, invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice. The popularity of that easy-to-drink aperitif helped Prosecco get a foothold in the U.K., German and U.S. markets as a good mixer and as a cheap alternative to Champagne.

Unfortunately Prosecco’s increasing popularity led to the export of enormous amounts of very poor, very cheap, very watery Prosecco, with only a few labels like Bisson, Valdo, Bortolin, Ruggeri and Mionetto producing high quality examples whose prices were modestly higher than poor examples and a lot lower than Champagne.

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