The Pleasure of Slowing Down and Living the Italian Way

Dec 07, 2017 814

BY: Rebecca Hughes

Three years ago, I moved to a small town called Adria in the Veneto region of northeast Italy, less than an hour from Venice. I moved to Italy for everything from its art masterpieces to the variety of mushrooms, from going to operas in Verona’s ancient Arena to going to local saint’s day festivals that have nothing pious about them.

Adria isn’t a big city; it doesn’t have American-style cafés with take-out coffee, or supermarkets selling vegetables that have traveled half the world. Here, I am learning (a continuous process) how to live a traditional Italian life; to go to the small shops for groceries, to ask the owner of the fruit shop to recommend what’s in season, not to buy the Halloween pumpkin for cooking, to have my aperitivo in the same bar each evening, to be generous, not to split the bill.

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