S. Maria in Trastevere façade restored to former glory

May 11, 2018 259

The façade of the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere has been restored to its former glory after a restoration carried out by experts of the Rome Special Superintendent's office lasting a year and a half and costing 400,000 euros. Now the splendid medieval mosaics that run horizontally across the front can be admired in all their glimmering gold, with the Madonna dominating the scene and in an ideal dialogue with the 19th century paintings by Silverio Capparoni and the 18th century portico designed by architect Carlo Fontana under Pope Clement XI.

The restoration is the result of a complex process due to the co-presence of various styles and materials and the various interventions carried out on the basilica over time, including the addition of the portico and of the fresco paintings by Capparoni from 1863 to 1874.

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SOURCE: http://www.ansa.it

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