Sicilian Food: A Global Diet

May 12, 2017 889

What are we talking about, when we discuss “Italian food?”  It’s the age-old question: Italian vs. Italian American. We get so caught up in the details of what the difference is between the food of Italy and the food developed by Italy’s immigrants that we often forget about the behemoth of cuisine that sits just at the toe of Italy’s boot: Sicily.

Sicilian food is contradictory, just like Sicilian culture. It is an odd mixture of Italian, Greek, Arab, French, Spanish, and North African. Its dinner plates are living odes to the number of peoples that have conquered, colonized, settled, ruled, and emigrated here. Every region in Italy has its own unique culinary traditions, but to lump Sicilian food under the over-arching category of “Italian food” does a disservice to this island’s culture and proud history.

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