Cambridge Street, a New Novel, Tells of the Struggle and Bravery of Immigrants Who Came to America in the Early 1900s as Seen Through the Eyes of One Family

Jul 09, 2018 176

Author Steven Decker tells a story, inspired by true events, that has been called “A must read” and “… an amazing story, beautifully written." Decker said “For too long, Italian immigrants have been criminalized in books and movies and their violent acts glamorized. The real story is that 99% of the Italians came here to work hard and give their families better lives. I felt obligated to tell their story. I hope I did them justice in my novel about one family whose bravery and sacrifice represents millions.”

Cambridge Street picks up the Tomaso saga on a sweet-smelling farm in Sicily. Tomas and Katerina have three boys: Paolo, Renzo, and Leonardo. On the verge of poverty and after getting caught up in a Mafia web of violence, the family decides to send their sons to America. It is a heart-breaking separation: each must say good bye to the people they love knowing they will likely never see them again.

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