Enrollments in Foreign Languages Continue to Fall: Italian Drops by 20%

Mar 13, 2018 406

BY: Enza Antenos

Foreign language enrollments in American higher education have seen yet another drop as reported by the Modern Language Association in their most recent publication. The 9.2% loss in enrollments from fall 2013 to fall 2016 indicates these results, as the authors of the report state: “are the beginning of a trend, rather than a blip” when we also take into account the 6.2% decline reported in the previous survey results 2009-2013.

Almost all of the most commonly taught foreign languages in the U.S. are experiencing decreased enrollments, except for Japanese and Korean, which have seen growing numbers since 2013. The top ten foreign languages are Spanish, French, American Sign Language, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Russian. 

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SOURCE: https://www.lavocedinewyork.com

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