HBO’s ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Focuses On The Background Of Mafia Movies & It Helped Me Connect To My Heritage

Dec 11, 2018 134


From The Godfather to The Sopranos, the most prominent depictions of Italian-Americans in pop culture often come from stories about organized crime. But as thrilling as watching criminals wake up to find bloody horse heads in their beds may be, I’ve always felt a sense of disappointment when trying to connect to these stories.

As the great-granddaughter of Italian immigrants, I was always subconsciously evaluating where I would fit in among the characters, and these kinds of often testosterone-heavy stories didn't leave much room for an exploration of female interiority. I’ve spent years searching for alternative narratives of both Italians and Italian-Americans, and finally, with HBO’s adaptation of My Brilliant Friend, I’ve found a representation of Italian culture that answers the questions that lingered in my mind for much of my life.

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