How Brock Olivo connected with his Italian roots and found himself and his family

Oct 13, 2017 390

BY: Ben Swanson

Brock Olivo's parents could have been HGTV stars had they been born to this era. Honestly, it's not hard to imagine. "I'm David Olivo, and this is my wife, Vicki, and our two children, Brock and Daisy. After my NFL career ended, Vicki and I found a new passion together, moving into old homes and renovating them before moving on to the next one. Welcome to 'Bringing the House.’"

The couple paid the bills with other work — David was a high-school teacher and football coach, and Vicki dabbled in real estate and antiques — but home renovation was their passion. But they didn't invest in just any kind of houses. They focused on old buildings. One of the Olivos' homes, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote in 1987, was built around 1850, and since its construction circa 1850 by a German baker, it had been a winery and a hospital during the Civil War.

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