How Steve Buscemi feels about David Chase’s movie prequel to ‘The Sopranos’

Mar 14, 2018 884

BY: Gregory Wakeman

Sopranos fans across the world reacted with shock and joy last week when it was announced that a prequel movie to the seminal HBO series was currently in the works. Shock, because viewers of “The Sopranos,” which came to an end back in 2007, never expected to see any more tales from this world, especially when you consider its open ended and divisive conclusion and the death of its leading star James Gandolfini back in June, 2013.

Joy, because of creator and showrunner David Chase’s involvement in the movie, which immediately sparked hope that it will have the same tone and style of the show, which it is widely agreed sparked the golden generation of television that is still rife today. I recently had the chance to talk to Steve Buscemi, who starred in “The Sopranos” as Tony Blundetto and also directed four episodes, including Pine Barrens, one of the most popular ever installments to the show, about his new film “Lean On Pete.”

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