New US Trailer for Alice Rohrwacher's Italian Fable 'Happy as Lazzaro'

Dec 02, 2018 300

BY: Alex Billington

"I'm calling about a missing boy." Netflix has released a new US trailer for the film Happy as Lazzaro, originally titled Lazzaro felice, the latest film by acclaimed Italian filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher (Corpo CelesteThe Wonders). This trailer celebrates the release of the film on Netflix today, for those who would like to catch this acclaimed, shot-on-film fable.

It first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this summer, highly regarded as one of the best of the festival, despite not winning any awards. The film is about a boy named Lazzaro who works as a farming peasant on a tobacco farm in Italy. About halfway through, the film jumps in time to the modern day where he ends up in a city searching for his friends and family. 

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