Preserving Italian enclaves through inspiration and photography with Ray Guarini

Sep 18, 2017 462

In this episode of The Italian American Podcast, we talk with Ray Guarini, founder of Italian Enclaves, about the memories he is creating to help preserve Italian American culture. In the Stories Segment, we hear from one of our listeners, Joseph Blanda Pintacuda Sciame, who tells us an inspiring story about going back to his ancestral village — and the warm reception he received.

Episode Quote: “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” ― Gustav Mahler


“When you are passionate about something, it just expands.” – Dolores Alfieri
“Once you break the ice, people are very warm and welcoming.” – Ray Guarini
“It’s a blessing to be able to do something that you love doing.” – Ray Guarini
“A scrapbook of photographs can sometimes tell a story much better than any person could.” – Ray Guarini
“The churches are the backbones of every community in Italy.” – Ray Guarini
“It’s important to preserve the past, but it’s more important to keep our community alive today.” – Dolores Alfieri
“We are creating a virtual space, which gives people the opportunity to go and see it themselves.” – Ray Guarini
“The key to the future is to take and usher the new generations into the same traditions we grew up with.” – Ray Guarini
“Always remember the traditions that keep us together.” – Dolores Alfieri

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