The Scattered Italians

Nov 09, 2017 530

“THE SCATTERED ITALIANS” a distinctive and perceptive book on Italian migration has been recently refreshed, updated and newly released.  The regenerated version while continuing the pursuit of discovering one’s roots and true identity found in the original edition now also includes among other things current opinions and trends on the continuing saga of the Italians and Italian-Americans. 

“Our literary voyage, which takes place over three millennia, is aimed at arriving at conclusions that will go far in explaining who we are as scattered Italians, and why we act out life’s drama as we do.” The book reviews key historical occurrences and events that lead to an understanding of Italian-American unique behavioral and distinctive personality. 

The Roman Empire, the Renaissance and some of Italy’s well known characters are visited along with historical analysis of a number of major events that shook-up and then helped form the western world as one knows it today. 

The book includes handy information in finding out who Italian-Americans are and how to augment their lost Italian personality. Other than being historically informative; the book is a bit of a journal that tells a tale of a young boy finding his way and discovering who he is and wants to be by embracing his Italian heritage. 

Enjoy the read……

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