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Secrets of New York – Detectives NYC Life. Premieres Tuesday, October 22, 8:30pm

secretsIn the mid 1800s New York was a dangerous, chaotic city teaming with newly arrived immigrants. Ruthless crooks and brutal criminal gangs ruled the lawless streets. Host Kelly Choi maps the emergence of the police force that took on these cutthroat thieves and mobsters. Along the way, she highlights the work of some of New York's greatest detectives. She begins with the famous cases of Chief Inspector Thomas Byrnes -- a man who invented America's modern detective bureau.


Then Kelly focuses on Manhattan's Little Italy in 1900 and one of the NYPD's greatest heroes, Captain Joe Petrosino, the police officer who stood up to the criminal gangs who terrorized their fellow immigrants under the name of The Black Hand. Finally, we hear how New York City detectives solved the murder of top mobster Paul Castellano and brought John Gotti to justice. Italian American Museum - Tel. 212-965-9000 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





anthony-julian-tamburri-ospite-dell-unical-nell-ambito-del-cliaNell'ambito dell'accordo tra Unical e Cuny (City University of New York), sottoscritto dal Magnifico rettore, Gino Mirocle Crisci, lo scorso 6 ottobre, da domani sarà ospite dell'Università della Calabria...
met-guild-to-honor-licia-albanese-carlo-bergonzi-in-incomparable-in-2015Summer saw the passing of two of opera's most iconic figures: Licia Albanese, at the age of 105, and Carlo Bergonzi, at 90. They performed together at the Met only five times, but whenever and wherever...
holy-cannoli-defense-lawyer-mario-gallucci-thanks-court-staff-with-italian-pastryby Frank Donnelly   There are millions of ways to say thank you. Popular criminal defense lawyers Mario F. Gallucci and Lou Gelormino chose to do it Thursday with cannolis. As yuletide...
italian-trade-agency-italian-association-of-geographic-indication-consortia-educate-consumers-in-nyby The Italian Trade Agency   On Wednesday, Dec. 3, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Association of Geographic Indication Consortia hosted journalists at Osteria del Principe to educate and...
un-natale-all-italiana-a-new-yorkdi Chiara Zaccherotti   È possibile viversi l'atmosfera del Natale all'italiana pur essendo a New York? Di sicuro non sarà come stare a casa, con i propri cari e tutte quelle tradizioni che proprio...
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