In Italy there are hundreds of cathedrals, but very few of these have developed over time a system of preservation, exhibition and enjoyment of the artistic heritage inside the building in a structured and organized way at all levels. San Pietro in Rome, San Marco in Venice and the Duomo of Florence give the possibility to enter in crypts and treas...

Pizza, spaghetti and mandolin, emblem of Italy abroad, the cultural tricolor par excellence (apart from art, music, cinema, fashion and style)! But if pizza and spaghetti had such a widespread diffusion around the world, why cannot the mandolin have the same success?

I love the alpine regions of Italy. I've been lucky to visit a few of them and the scenery is stunning with the background of the dramatic mountain ranges including the Dolomites, Monte Bianco, the Appenines and more. Back in early 2015 I visited the Trentino-Alto Adige region for the first time and journeyed from Verona via train to the town of Tr...

Ciao from the Appennines in Emilia Romagna! We are taking a few days of rest here in the wonderful mountains in the Modena province, but we actually just moved We the Italians up here, we never stop. Here we are with another month, another editorial, another wonderful magazine about Italy, from your friends at We the Italians!

Sulcis Iglesiente is a geographic area located in the extreme southwest of Sardinia and is famous for its ancient origins and traditions. Already inhabited 5,000 years ago, the zone was favored by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians above all, who were the first to discover and extract its rich mineral deposits. Largely abandoned in the successive ce...

Keep the flavor of summer with this delicious plum jam. Every summer I prepare several jams when fruit is mature and rich in flavor. Plum jam is one of my favorite ones. I could eat a whole jar by itself, one spoon after the other!

Stonecraft in Molise has ancient roots. It is thought that stone structures and objects were made initially to ensure people’s safety and survival. Entire districts built of stone can be found in some towns in the region, and beautiful examples of architectural and decorative features, such as capitals and statues, are not hard to find.

On the northern slopes of the Simbruini mountains, not away from the border of Lazio, Tagliacozzo is an historical centre whose walls erected in 1410 counted five doors and whose defence was submitted to a castle, in total ruin today. The best interesting part is the one meeting over the Roman arc toward the inside.

For Diego Della Valle, the 63-year-old billionaire owner of Italian luxury leather and apparel giant Tod's Group, style has always trumped fashion. Considering the success Tod's has had since its formation in 1978, Della Valle has a point.

The origins of Robiola di Roccaverano date back to the Celtic-Ligurian period.Its name recalls the Latin term “robium”, referring to the reddish colour of the outer part of the cheese, and the name of the town of Roccaverano in Asti, where this product originated.

A few more than 100 years after his birth, on February 22 1914, Renato Dulbecco remains in the Italian and international history as the figure of the scientist with a human face, at the service of research against diseases with the enthusiasm of a simple and extraordinarily passionate man.

Located at the foot of Mount Etna, which often provides thrilling eruptions, Catania overlooks the Ionian Sea. It is a beautiful art city, an undisputed example of Sicilian Baroque, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other cities in the Val di Noto.