Abondanza Is a Bronx Tale of a Disappearing Neighborhood

Apr 19, 2017 619


If you really want to add authenticity to your Sunday serving of macaroni, meatballs and gravy, a trip to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx will yield as many homemade Italian shopping opportunities as it always has. On the other hand, finding the old Italian-American community among those businesses is more difficult, so Katonah filmmaker Dante Liberatore decided to document it in Abondanza before it disappears and the Bronx Tale is no more.

“There are no young people there,” Mr. Liberatore said. “It will all be gone in 10 years.” Mr. Liberatore doesn’t see an exodus of the shop owners who live in Westchester, but the primary impetus for his 90-minute documentary doesn’t hinge on the changing face of the neighborhood.

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SOURCE: https://geeks.media

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