Alfano calls Italy 'superpower of beauty'

Jun 15, 2017 598

Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano opened the fourth edition of 'Italianism' on Thursday morning at the ministry, a project to highlight links between the Italian language, creativity and emerging designers. "We are a large country without significant raw materials. We do not have a great deal of possibilities for supplies, nor do we have oil or gold. But our gold is our talent, our creativity our oil," he said. Despite not being an economic or political superpower, he noted, Italy is in the G7.

"We are the superpower of beauty, taste and design. All this together makes Italian Style," he said. The minister gave an award to 30 emerging designers out of 600 who took part and who with their work "interpreted the ten words of the Italian language linked to the world of culture and design: ethics, shape, future, idea, innovation, interaction, intuition, project, research and vision".

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