Angelo Automotive owner helping Italy native bounce back from homelessness

Jan 03, 2018 735

BY: Victor Guzman

An Italy native has been in Texas for about 5 years, however he lived out of a tent in Midland for a while before he was offered a job in San Angelo. Joseph Figliola's wife died 7 years ago of cancer, leaving the 58 year old alone and eventually unable to afford his home after having spent much of his finances paying hospital bills.

"Sometimes I think about her," Figliola says while taking a break from working on a truck. "You can't put yourself down, though. You have to start all over again. It's not easy but you have to take it one day at a time." And he tried to do so, pitching a tent in different cities before ending up in Midland. He was drinking coffee a few weeks ago outside a convenience store when a man approached him.

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