Ariano offers Old World ambiance and authentic Italian cuisine right in the heart of Media

Apr 19, 2017 264

BY: Peg DeGrassa

Anthony Bellapigna is a natural-born builder, by skill and by nature. He builds and creates award-winning pizza pies and other entrees that draw customers from miles around. He builds strong and lasting relationships with hundreds of acquaintances, friends and customers in his community, as well as hundreds overseas.

And he built Ariano, the old-world style Italian restaurant at 114 Olive Street in Media, one brick at a time. He also built its copper-topped tables and room accents, and its eye-catching full-service bar, a focal point when anyone walks into the front door. Ariano is a lasting legacy of the Bellapigna family, built to preserve family history and treasured family recipes. , and the life.

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