Celebrating 125 Years of Devotion to San Rocco in New York City

Aug 24, 2014 649

By Giovanni di Napoli

Last Sunday (August 17th) I had the great honor of participating in the 125th Annual Feast of Saint Rocco in New York City. Mass was celebrated in English and Italian with Father Joseph F. Lorenzo at Saint Joseph's Church on the corner of Catherine and Monroe Streets. To everyone's delight, the original papier-mâché statue with its new floral arch would be used in the celebration.

Half hidden all these years in the shadowy nook at the rear left of the church I never realized how vibrant the statue was or that its eyes sparkled. Our beloved patron looked glorious at the front altar under a red canopy surrounded with flowers. Carried in the Procession for the first time in over 25 years, it was a privilege to be one of the lifters.

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