Dine Out Maine: Meanwhile in Belfast

Aug 26, 2015 513

by James H. Schwartz

Take a seat at Meanwhile in Belfast, the new pizza restaurant that opened here in March, and you'll discover that pizza is a sensual meal – a feast for all the senses.

There's the heady fragrance of fresh dough and the occasional whiff of garlic wafting from the kitchen and enticing customers (or passersby) to slow down and inhale; the sound of owner Alessandro Scelsi slicing prosciutto and bantering with young cooks working nearby; the sight of lightly browned, puffed circles of sourdough being pulled from his blistering hot, wood-fired oven; and the taste and touch of Scelsi's pizzas – which are flavorful and crisp and moist and hot and intensely fresh and satisfying. Tearing into one is very nearly a carnal experience.

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