Ferragamo: Shoemaker to the Stars

Mar 09, 2018 557

“Throughout Italy, in cities just as much as in poor little towns, you might see shoemakers sitting in their small workshop, surrounded by shoes scattered all over, working on their forms under the light of a bare light bulb.” This is how Salvatore Ferragamo, in his own autobiography, described the world he wanted to change – driven by infinite passion and a great dream to design and manufacture the most beautiful shoes in the world.

Ferragamo always had a penchant for shoes: at 11 years old he was an apprentice for a shoemaker in Naples, and at 13 he opened a shop in his hometown. Only a few years later, he moved to Boston to work for a large shoe manufacturer where everything was bigger, more modern, faster. He soon moved to Santa Barbara in California, land of cinema.

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SOURCE: http://www.italianways.com

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