First ever 100% natural goose feather fabric is made in Italy

Mar 14, 2017 193

BY: Marta Casadei

It’s made of goose feathers but you would never guess by looking at it; when you touch it though, its lightness and softness give clues to its origin. We’re talking about Thindown, the first fabric ever in the world made of goose feathers, 100% natural, ecological and sterilized: it was invented by a Canadian, Ron Reuben, a top expert in the production and export of goose feathers.

It’s an Italian, though, who implemented the concept and holds the rights to Thindown patent and technology: Paolo Bodo, CEO and controlling shareholder of NIPI (Natural Insulation Products, Inc.). The fabric is manufactured in a plant located in Chieti by equipment called Nipi R40, the outcome of a R&D project by an international team of engineers coordinated by Ron Reuben. Thindown’s sustainability is guaranteed by an agreement NIPI signed with Molina, a leading goose feather and goose down manufacturer for over 100 years.

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