First Look: Downtown Detroit gets an authentic northern Italian pizzeria when La Lanterna returns in April

Mar 23, 2017 371

BY: Tom Perkins

Two of Michigan’s biggest culinary exports are Little Cesars and Jet’s, so it’s understandable if your neighborhood Hot-N-Ready purveyor is what pops to mind when someone says “pizzeria.” But that’s what passes for an American pizzeria. Those that you’ll find in northern Italy — of which the soon-to-open La Lanterna in downtown Detroit’s Capitol Park is fashioned — are an entirely different affair.

The latter is a more sophisticated restaurant, and La Lanterna fits that description. It’s an undertaking of the Barbieri family’s second, third, and fourth generations, and an homage to their father, grandfather, and great grandfather, Edoardo Barbieri, who launched the venerable Da Edoardo restaurant group. He also ran the original La Lanterna in Capital Park between 1956 and 1978.

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