Forghedaboudit brings home pizza titles

Apr 10, 2017 298

BY: Bill Armendariz

With a taste of Italy mixed in with a New York attitude, Bob and Kim Yacone have baked a pizza pie that tantalized the palates of the International Pizza Expo held in Las Vegas Nevada in late March. “The secret is there is no secret,” said Bob Yacone, owner of Deming’s Forghedaboudit Authentic New York Italian Restaurant. “I use fresh ingredients layered on imported Italian dough. I make my sauce sweet — just like I like it — and the cheese has to have that long stringy stretch to it. Those are the three main essentials to an award-winning pie.”

Forghedaboudit pepperoni and sausage pie, prepared by Kim, was named “Best in the Southwest,” encompassing California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The Yacones also placed second in the American Restaurants division and were fourth overall in the world.

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