Former FBI Agent Pays Homage to Italian Immigrant Heritage in Book ‘784 Broadway’

Jan 20, 2016 425

James Ring, author of the 5-star terrorist thriller Necessary Assets, has shifted genres with his second book, 784 Broadway, where he brings to life his immigrant Italian heritage by recounting summer visits to his family's small greengrocer store in New York's Hudson Valley. Ring's stories, rich with humor and wisdom, span nearly three decades and are an impressive chronicle of small-town life in the iconic Hudson Valley.

As Ring tells it, these annual visits to his family's greengrocer located at 784 Broadway in Kingston, NY, since 1894, had a profound role in shaping his character and guiding him from childhood into adulthood – even influencing his career as an FBI agent. A gifted storyteller, Ring's characters and stories are equally unforgettable. Ring is a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent. After retiring from the FBI, Ring founded a business information and investigative service within a major Boston law firm. Ring of Boston's North End and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, now devotes his full time to writing, and is currently working on a sequel to Necessary Assets. Ring's books are available at and Visit for more information.

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