Gnocchi Bar Is Ready For People To Pronounce Gnocchi Properly

Mar 27, 2015 682

Lisa Nakamura's presence in the Pacific Northwest restaurant scene has taken her through downtown Seattle, Kirkland, Orcas Island, and now, with the opening of her Gnocchi Bar to Capitol Hill. Ever since her Allium on Orcas Island closed a few years ago, she's been working on bringing her gnocchi to Seattle. With the recent opening of Gnocchi Bar on Capitol Hill, Nakamura hopes to draw in the crowds for her take on this pasta dish.

Gnocchi (pronounced 'nyo-kee') are little dollops of dough that are part of the pasta family. Commonly made of potato, there are variations throughout Italy (where it originated from) and you can find types of gnocchi made of semolina flour, polenta, or various other ingredients.

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