How Does A Restaurant In The American Desert Serve Fresh, Sustainable Italian Seafood Daily?

Apr 07, 2017 512

BY: Tiffany Do

Thanks to one Las Vegas chef, you can now dine at a sustainable Italian seafood restaurant in the middle of a desert. Costa di Mare at the Wynn Hotel boasts a seafood program in which hard-to-find breeds, seasonal specialties and wild fish not often found on American menus are flown in every other day. With sustainability in mind, Chef Mark LoRusso says that his fish roster’s availability changes throughout the year.

“We started this program a few months ago,” says LoRusso. “Our guy will send us stuff that’s ‘not branzino’ or mainstream fish, but not in crazy amounts. He’ll send us things that are unique and seasonal.” The program brings in 30 to 40 different breeds found only in the Mediterranean and off the coasts of Italy. LoRusso says that the list can get so regional that even guests traveling from Italy will say “Wow, we can’t even get these fish [at home].” He also says that some of the Italian-born servers at the restaurants get excited to see fish familiar to them. A common and familiar crowdpleaser, however, is the grilled octopus that is tenderized before it even reaches Las Vegas.

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