How the Italian Immigrants Came to New England

Mar 13, 2017 2374

Italian immigrants have stamped New England as indelibly as any Puritan ever since they started to arrive in large numbers during the 1890s. Today, the descendants of Italian immigrants make up more than 10 percent of the population of every New England state except Vermont and Maine. Any New Englander can recognize the voice of Don Orsillo, Joe Castiglione or the Magliozzi brothers; and they probably look forward to at least one of the region’s 45 summer festas, from Our Lady of Assumption in Portland to St. Bartholomew in Providence.

Italian-Americans have undeniably influenced New England’s food history. Boston’s North End brought us Prince spaghetti, Pastene sauces and Dragone cheese – and the first Italian café, Café Vittoria, in 1929.  John Bello of New Britain created SoBe beverages. Amato’s Italian delicatessen in Portland, Maine, claims to have originated the Italian sandwich and Frank Pepe in New Haven invented the white clam apizza

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