Isola dei Pescatori: an island for fishermen and writers

Jul 16, 2017 674

Isola dei Pescatori (meaning “fishermen’s island” and also known as Isola Superiore) is part of the Borromean Islands in Lake Maggiore. In Ernest Hemingway’s famous “A Farewell to Arms”, protagonist Frederic Henry stops here during the First World War, to drink a vermouth:

I rowed across to Isola Bella and went close to the walls, where the water deepened sharply, and you saw the rock wall slanting down in the clear water, and then up and along to the fisherman’s island. The sun was under a cloud and the water was dark and smooth and very cold. We did not have a strike though we saw some circles on the water from rising fish. I rowed up opposite the fisherman’s island where there were boats drawn up and men were mending nets.

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