The Italian American stars of the US sports stories of past and present champions

Feb 11, 2017 838

A series of "not-to-be-missed" articles is coming to We the Italians' magazine next spring: 10 special stories dedicated to athletes of Italian origin who had success in many popular sport disciplines in the United States. 

From baseball to basketball, from boxing to bowling, from football to golf, from hockey to racing and soccer and wrestling: this journey among the Italian team of champions will start next March and end in December, with a series of exciting, curious often overlooked stories. As written by Fausto Batella, the author of this special, in his book entitled "34 ITALIAN AMERICANS" published by SPORT eBOOK, dedicated "(...) To those emigrants and their children who were able to have success in sports sometimes unknown in Italy: paisà who through their athletic qualities claimed personality and determination beyond the stereotypes, the traditions and the superstitions . (...) ". 

Fausto Batella has already written two articles dedicated to the arrival and spread of American football in Italy for We The Italians' magazine. The first appeared in the January issue, while the second will be soon published in this mopnth issue due on Monday, February 20.


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