Italian Bluegrass master Beppe Gambetta

Mar 10, 2017 392

BY: Lauren Daley

He once crossed the Iron Curtain to play a bluegrass fest in Czechoslovakia. He sought out Slovakian gypsies to learn their traditional music. He sought out Pete Seeger to jam at his home. He traveled to Mexico just to play with a Mariachi band. Forget the Dos Equis guy. Beppe Gambetta is the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Since hearing Doc Watson on a Newport Folk Fest album in his native Genoa, Italy in 1968, Beppe Gambetta fell in love with American roots music. "I heard one track of Doc Watson, and [it was like] when something really calls you deeply, like when you see the love of your life — you see her, and you talk to her five minutes and see her first smile, and that's it... I have had this feeling twice myself. Once with American bluegrass and once with my wife," he said with a laugh. Gambetta, of Genoa, says most everything with a laugh.

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