Italian flavors: Fried food Italian style, Ascoli Piceno

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WTI Magazine #27    2014 Apr, 25
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Since a few years Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region, homeland of the famous "olive ascolane" (fried olives from Ascoli), it has become the Italian capital of every variety of deep-fried food, in particular the fried food Italian style, welcoming every year a wide audience, greedy and curious.

The event that celebrates this particular way of cuisine includes tasting of fried recipes from every region of Italy, educational activities and games for the little ones, exhibition area on fried and curiosity attached, as well as thematic conferences on the DOP product of excellence of this town, the "oliva ascolana", and on recycling of used oil in frying.

The event also shows the "fresh air markets", with products that find an exaltation of their flavors when boiled in hot oil and "Fritto d'autore" (Copyright fried), an exhibition about some of the world famous fries.

Next to the fried, cannot be missed wine or beer with "Lezioni da bere" (Lessons to be drank): demonstrations and curiosities about the pairings of wine and beer with fried products.

Among the most curious labs we cannot fail to mention "Cucina la tua oliva" (Cook Your Olive) in which we learn the secrets of the olive preparation for the oliva ascolana recipe, and "Siamo fritti!" (we can translate this Italian saying with "We're screwed!"), a space dedicated to young people with entertainment, tastings and workshops on the theme of the most classic product of fried foods, French fries.

This event allows us to know and to walk around the whole Italy, "in the name of fried": every beautiful Italian region has its own fried food tradition, from the oliva ascolana to Sicilian cannoli, from the Neapolitan "paste cresciute" to the famous seadas from Sardinia.

Obviously, in the days of the event the local bars will serve fried appetizers during their Happy Hour.

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