Italian lifestyle: Alessi's Souvenir d'Italie

Feb 06, 2015 852

WTI Magazine #53    2015 February, 6
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For its a catalog, Alessi presented "Souvenir d'Italie", a new line between the Alessi "Figures": a tribute to Italy that from May to October will host the Expo 2015. Five figurines in decorated porcelain, each a symbol of a different aspect of the Italian character.

Three creations are from Antonio Aricò, who, interpreting the theme of being Italian with fantasy and dream, hark back to the classic genre of porcelain figures, typical of the European tradition.

"Venice", depicting the Veneto, is an elegant Venetian mask with a gondola and little fishes as headgear. The red, instead, dominates "Calabrisella", that represents Calabria wearing a dress and hairstyle decorated with chiles.

"Rosalia la più bella che ci sia" (Rosalia the most beautiful at all) with a dress reminiscent of the fruit of the prickly pear, as a symbol of Sicily offers a basket filled with fruits that abound in the region: lemons, prickly pears, grapes.

The irony and cartoon stretch of Massimo Giacon are found in "Ciro il Pulcinella", where Campania region is represented by a greedy character, sitting at the table ready to enjoy a classic pizza Margherita; and "Lella Mortadella", where Emilia Romagna is personified by a buxom blonde woman offering typical sausages of that region.

"Alessandro M.", the corkscrew designed by Alessandro Mendini in 2003, each year is proposed in different limited editions. "Alessandro M. - Milan Cathedral" is a tribute to Italy and, in particular, to the city of Milan, which hosts the World Expo in 2015. An international event which has its theme in the complex issue of food and nutrition. "Alessandro M." plays the role of a very Italian chef. The outfit is completed by a particular headgear: a reproduction of the Milan cathedral on top of which shines the inevitable golden Madonnina. As with previous versions, also "Alessandro M. - Milan Cathedral" is decorated by hand in a limited edition produced in chrome-plated zamak and PA (polyamide).

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