Italian sport: Two Italian tennis queens in Queens!

Sep 19, 2015 925

WTI Magazine #68    2015 September, 18
Author : Simone Callisto Manca      Translation by:


Two Italians on top of New York, the first time of two Italian tennis players in the final of a Grand Slam tournament. And yet, two friends, from the same region, Puglia, expression of a Southern Italy where young people often fail to have the same opportunities as their peers in the North; the revenge of a lightweight and "old school" tennis against all muscles and the baseline.

These and others were the issues of the wonderful sporting day experienced by our country last September 12 when Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci played againts each other in the final of the US Open 2015. Pennetta won 7-6 / 6-2 but the result was, after all, not that important: it was a day of celebration for Italian sport - and not only, not blurred even by the controversy over the rightful presence of the premier Renzi in the stands.

An outstanding and perhaps almost unique final, since both tennis players were not among the main favorites for the title: at the beginning of the tournament their odds for the final win were listed by bookmakers between 200 and 300 to 1. Despite this, with the typical perseverance and constancy of the Italians who find themselves with their backs to the wall, like two small ants Flavia and Roberta have overturned the initial prediction and came to a result that up to three weeks would be frankly unexpected.

For Flavia Pennetta this was the first Grand Slam win in her career, but not the first tournament: the player from Brindisi, currently in the top ten WTA, has won 4 times (2006, 2009, 2010, 2013) the Fed Cup, the top competition in women's tennis for national teams. A very mediatic character, Flavia, who has been several times at the center of the stage for her love life: the unfortunate history with Carlos Moya, from whom she was seduced and abandoned, and now the story with her colleague and compatriot Fabio Fognini, who - gossip says - she will marry next June.

Less mediatic but no less successful, indeed, is Roberta Vinci, a year smaller than Pennetta (1983 against 1982): together with Pennetta she won the four Fed Cup, has long been No. 1 in the world in doubles with Sara Errani, with whom she won 25 tournaments, including all Grand Slam, becoming the fifth most successful pair in the history of tennis.

A tennis match of friendship with the long final hug between Flavia and Roberta, the former almost apologizing for having won, the second embracing her friend with the warmest and sincere congratulations ever. But also a story with a surprise ending: after reaching the highest point of her career, Pennetta has announced his retirement, at age 33. She wants to enjoy life, putting aside the sacrifices that sport, inevitably, brings with it. A right choice, at least in this writer's opinion: it takes courage to leave when you're at the best, but it is the only choice you have if you do not want to become a pale doppelganger of what you once used to be.

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