Learn to Speak Like an Italian: With Your Hands

Mar 20, 2017 1154

Gesticulation is a signature way of Italian communication now being “taught” at British universities. Luca Vullo, a filmmaker from Sicily who lives in London, has made a documentary about Italian gestures called La voce del corpo (The Voice of The Body), focusing on the Sicilians’ gestures in particular.

According to research by Italian professor Isabella Poggi (University of Roma III), Italians use around 250 gestures a day to communicate. Some gestures indicate character traits; others express how you feel; there are gestures for nouns, as well as rude gestures. She said these signs comprise “a lexicon of gestures that is comparable in size and sophistication to the lexicon of sign language for the deaf.”

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SOURCE: http://ciaostl.com

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