LIDI Ristorante on a mission to bring the Italian culinary soul to Daniel Island

May 16, 2014 664

by Deidre Schipani

The culinary latitude and longitude has shifted on the corner that chef Ken Vedrinski originally established as a restaurant. Red-and-white checkered tablecloths have replaced the racing silks of Siena; the cuisine of Tuscany is pre-empted by that of Apulia, Campania and Sicily. Ristorante LIDI, the current resident, proudly displays its moniker: "Little Italy Daniel Island."

Chef/owner Jason Colon's career has been on an Italian trajectory since he opened Gusttimo di Roma cafes in Singapore, China, Korea and Japan. Boston brought him to the stoves of Mare (Italian seafood), the Armani Cafe on renowned Newbury Street; then to 'Cesca in Manhattan where he was groomed for opening 'Cesca in downtown Charleston.

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