Lunch and conversation with Chef Walter Potenza

Oct 29, 2013 624

By Irina Missiuro

When it comes to delicious food, the only thing better than talking about it is eating it. On Monday, Nov. 4, at 11 a.m., you'll get to do both at an open meeting of the Miriam Hospital Women's Association. Join Chef Walter Potenza, the Rhode Island restaurateur, cooking school director, cookbook author and connoisseur of Mediterranean and European gastronomy, for a petite luncheon and tasty conversation.

Have an interest in the cuisines of the Roman Empire, Middle Ages and Renaissance or Sephardic Italian Jews? You're in luck, because Potenza is an expert in those fields. Love to visit Federal Hill on a nice day? Ask him questions about Providence's Little Italy. Potenza does know his subject matter. e is the recipient of multiple recognitions that include the Six Star Diamond Award, the Portonovo Award from the Marche Region of Italy and the prestigious Insignia Award in 1999 and 2006, presented by the Italian Government – identifying Chef Walter as one of the Ambassadors of Italian Culinary Culture Worldwide.

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