Main Squeezes: Accordions At Eldridge Street

Oct 28, 2013 658

In the music world, the prejudice against the accordion and its many musical relatives is strong. That prejudice undoubtedly has it least some of its roots in issues of class and ethnicity. Because of its portability and power, the accordion has always been the instrument of choice for immigrant cultures. On the other hand, the enduring popularity of Lawrence Welk reruns suggests that some of the anti-accordion sentiments are a matter of good taste.

Yale Strom doesn't play one himself — he's a violinist — but he was an apt choice to curate a program celebrating the accordion traditions of the Lower East Side being performed on Oct. 27 at the Museum at Eldridge Street (3 p.m., 12 Eldridge St., (212) 219-0302, As a klezmer bandleader he has worked with a profusion of accordionists and has experience writing for the instrument as well.

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