Mamma Mia: It's pasta time to visit this Italian eatery

Apr 12, 2017 342

Wichita Falls revels in an abundance of burger places, barbecue joints and Tex-Mex eateries, But what we don’t have a lot of is Italian food restaurants. So, seeking some variety, my Lunch Bunch Buddy and I sought out a great place to get Italian food. Eventually, we landed at Mia’s Italian Bistro.

Up the hill from the intersection of Seymour Highway, Loop 11 and Beverly Drive, Mia’s might be off the beaten path for most Wichitans. However, it’s not hard to get to, and the parking lot is easy to navigate. While it doesn’t look like anything special, Mia’s exterior is deceiving. My buddy and I, once we entered the place, found ourselves bathed in mood lighting and surrounded by impressively clean and well set tables and the smooth sounds of Frank Sinatra. All of a sudden, we were inside a legitimate Italian restaurant.

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