"This is the man that gave you erotica" - The Bob Guccione story

Apr 19, 2017 283

BY: Clint Caward

While many ‘readers’ of girly mag Penthouse have imagined themselves in a tussle with some of the models, not many men can lay claim to actually being featured in a glossy spread, pressed between a couple of busty brunettes, as I was in 2010.

My anatomy didn’t exactly make me a ‘Pet’, Penthouse’s version of the Playboy’s ‘Playmate’, but my noir themed ‘Red Light Romeo’ pictorial gave me a kinship with other alumni who’d posed nude in the pages; Madonna, Traci Lords, former Miss America Vanessa Williams. My stablemates and I have never got together for a reunion, but we’re all footnotes in the history of a magazine that, for good or bad, pioneered pornography.

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