Like Michigan, Rocky Long taking SDSU football team to Italy ... Little Italy

Mar 17, 2017 441

BY: Kirk Kenney

Sann Diego State head coach Rocky Long read awhile back that Jim Harbaugh is taking the Michigan football team to Italy during spring football. Long thought, “What a great idea.” So Long is taking the Aztecs to Italy, too. ... Little Italy. The downtown San Diego neighborhood dates back more than a century, its heritage traced to the Italian community that was then a center of the area’s teeming tuna industry.

SDSU isn’t budgeted for European vacations, so, Long said, “I looked for the next best thing that I might be able to do that would coincide with their idea. ... “We’re lucky enough in San Diego that we’re a multi-cultural community that has specific things unique to us that are really cool. And one of them is Little Italy.”We get it. Have a little pizza, learn a little about Italy.

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