Milan: Italy's overlooked city is the crossroads of art, fashion and culture

Jul 20, 2017 496

BY: Clint Henderson

Milan usually plays second fiddle to Italian vacation destinations such as Florence or Rome. It’s known by most Americans as a center for fashion and industry, but Milan is also a magnificent place to visit with incredible art, museums and attractions.

Ed Pizzarello, a travel writer and founder of the travel blog Pizza in Motion, told me Italy is an easy trip for Americans. As Pizzarello said, “Italy is one of the most approachable countries in the world for Americans to visit. In the big cities, plenty of English is spoken. But, it goes beyond that. The locals don't look at you with disdain when you speak English. If you try to stumble through speaking Italian, you'll see a warm smile as they coach you on pronunciation. You'll never feel stranded in Italy.”

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