Missoula Community Theatre: 'Over the River' comedy about family

Mar 11, 2017 392

BY: Cory Walsh

Teresa Waldorf, who's well known in the local theater community for her comedy work, has stepped in to guest-direct plays at the Missoula Community Theatre before. When she read the script for Joe DiPietro's play, "Over the River and Through the Woods," she called and asked if she could direct before they could hire anyone else.

In the script, Nick, a young man, heads to Hoboken, New Jersey, to break the news to his two sets of grandparents, both of Italian descent: He's lined up a job in Seattle. Over the course of several visits, some of his family tries to convince him to stay. "I just know these people," Waldorf said of the grandparents. Her late husband, Rick Waldorf, grew up on the East Coast, where there were a lot of Italians in the family.


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SOURCE: http://missoulian.com/

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