Nashville Italian Lights Festival will turn focus to sky for eclipse

Aug 12, 2017 493

The Nashville Italian Lights Festival will turn its focus to the sky on Aug. 21 for the epic solar eclipse. The festival actually starts on Friday, Aug. 18 at Bicentennial Mall State Park. The four-day event will offer a variety of food, wine, music and traditions. On the day of the eclipse though, the festival will turn its focus to the sky.

“So this place here, we got it NASA certified, so this is closest to the totality,” explained festival director Michael King. “We’re maybe 20 seconds away from maybe total totality, but we have an unobstructed view, here for Nashville and the city, it’s perfect viewing.” Astrophysicists will also be on site and so will News 2’s eclipse expert, Janet Ivey from “Janet’s Planet.”

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