New Vincenzo Trattoria stays true to its Southern Italian roots

May 15, 2017 662


Italian-born chefs who ply their time-honored trade in America are known to be rigid in their conviction to serve Italian cuisine that is as authentic as possible. That’s a good thing. Why change how things have been done by generations of cooks? There’s plenty of that newfangled Italian fare in this country, anyway. You know what I’m talking about: The never-ending this and the never-ending that. Why dumb it down?

Vincenzo Nicoletta, who was born in the Amalfi Coast region of Southern Italy, adheres to this unyielding belief. Nicoletta recently moved to Idaho after spending the last 20 years operating Vincenzo Ristorante in Santa Monica, Calif. Looking for the less-hectic vibe of a smaller city, he found the Boise area to be just right for opening a casual Italian eatery that dishes up simple, real-deal Italian fare, sans all the catchy marketing phrases.

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