Palio, at the Italian American Museum

Oct 29, 2015 500

Friday, October 30th, 6:30 P.M. - Italian American Museum - 155 Mulberry Street (Corner of Grand and Mulberry Streets) - New York, NY 10013. The Italian American museum presents: Palio. A Documentary Film - Directed and Written by Cosima Spender, Produced and Written by John Hunt, Produced by James Gay-Rees

"Rocky on Horseback" New York Times; "A Hollywood Screenwriter Couldn't Come Up With Anything Better" The ​Hollywood Reporter; "How Can Something Like This ​​Still Exist? And How Can One Film Capture it in Such Elegant Detail?" Vanity Fair

You are cordially invited to attend a special screening of the documentary film, "Palio" at the Italian American Museum on Friday, October 30th.

About the Film:

Welcome to the Palio: the oldest horse race in the world that turns the Italian city of Siena into a high-stakes battleground of strategy, intrigue and simmering machismo. In the eye of the storm stand the jockeys – loved if they claim victory or violently despised if they fall short. PALIO follows the legendary maestro Gigi Bruschelli, winner of 13 races and master of the intrigues that surround the Palio, and Giovanni Atzeni, his former protégé and handsome young rival driven by a fearless passion to become number one. This heart-racing new documentary exposes the notoriously closed world of this ancient race and the larger-than-life personalities of those involved in an epic and cinematic tale of Italian life in microcosm.

Suggested donation of $10 per person - RSVP Code: Palio1030 - For reservations, please call the

Italian American Museum at 212.965.9000 or Email:

*** Please Include RSVP Code When Making Your Reservation ***

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