Parella to Open in Calhoun Square this Summer

Apr 04, 2015 576

by Joy Summers

Macdonald has been biding his time for the right restaurant opportunity since moving back to Minneapolis after a winning hearts and stomachs in New York City at Willow Road, Cru, and Bouley. It's been over a year since returning, but the opportunity wasn't right until now.

He will open Parella along with Michael Larson. Larson also owns Digby's at Rosedale, but his background is mainly in fine dining. Larson used to run the dearly departed Pronto and spent many years working for Parasole. Parasole, you may remember, owned Figlio and Larson was working with the company when they made the decision to revamp the restaurant as Il Gato. It seems we've come full circle, in a way.

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