Pep’s Bake Shop & the Italian Bakery

May 13, 2015 636

By Cindy Kujala

Joe and Bette Prebonich have been in the bakery business for over 50 years. Joe started working for the Italian Bakery – which was established in 1905 – while Geno and Guido Marcaccini owned the business. Then in 1986, Joe and Bette became the owners when they purchased the business.

The Virginia, MN mainstay is located at 205 1st Street South. Meanwhile, Pepelnjak Bake Shop is a second longstanding bakery that was established in Virginia in the early 1940s. In 1996, Joe and Bette Prebonich purchase this bakery too – known as Pep's Bake Shop – which is located at 318 Chestnut Street. 

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