PIETRO MASCAGNI Capsule Collection - Timeless Heritage for Fall /Winter Season 2017-2018

Oct 07, 2017 739

The Committee Maestro Pietro Mascagni is pleased to launch the PIETRO MASCAGNI Capsule Collection - Timeless Heritage for Fall /Winter Season 2017-2018.

Pietro Mascagni has been a composer and a conductor, well known throughout the world for his beauty and his sophisticated and original style. According to popular legends Mascagni was identified with the mythical image of the happy man who blends together in himself youth and fame. Still nowadays his operas such as Cavalleria Rusticana, Iris, Rapsodia Satanica are in the major theatres of the world, such as New York, Berlin or London.

He has been a fashion trend setter, an anticonformist, the first one to wear and to collect several coloured original waistcoats. Now his unmistakable, highly sought-after and original style has been brought back in an unique Capsule Collection, that tells us , in every piece, the “Mascagni’s” way of life.

The sartorial waistcoats , the colours, silk and drawings of the fabrics or the jewels have been studied and designed by the Committee and are esclusively made for the Mascagni Capsule Collection by Italian artists (www.claudiomarcello.it) and craftmen. Travel bags and notebooks recall his travels and his endless research of innovation and interesting ideas. Labels and product packaging, prepared for every single order, is signed by the composer signature, exclusively utilized by the Committee.

All available on the ecommerce website: www.pietromascagni.com/index.php/capsule-collection.

Purchasing these clothes or accessories will contribute concretely to the activity of the Committee and the enhancement of the figure and the artistic production of Pietro Mascagni in Italy and in the world.

SOURCE: Committee Maestro Pietro Mascagni

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