Prosecco: How the Italian sparkling wine knocked champagne off its pedestal

May 26, 2017 576


The transformation of "bringing a bottle" equating to "bring a prosecco" began about four years ago, for me. While my student days were reliant on cheap vodka and whatever mixer I had around the house, shamefully incorporating Ribena squash on more than one occasion, my mid-twenties have been replaced with prosecco. I head to the supermarket, select the bottle on offer (usually around £7) and head to a friend’s house, often skipping the bar or club in that classic "millennial" fashion. 

Prosecco, sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy, is often regarded as champagne’s younger, more broke and trashier cousin. However, its rise in popularity over the last few years has been phenomenal and unprecedented: From 2013- 2014, prosecco consumption in the UK doubled.

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